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How to Paint Your Refrigerator So It Looks New

by Product Specialist II

How to Paint Your Refrigerator So It Looks New

There’s nothing like a good paint job to freshen up the look of your kitchen. Whether the paint on your old fridge is worn and chipping or you’re just looking to switch up your style, a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a refrigerator without breaking the bank. Follow these simple steps to make your old fridge look brand new!

Safety First

You’ll want to make sure to take proper precautions before you start the painting process. Unplug your fridge from the wall and move it to a well-ventilated area, like a porch or backyard if possible. If you can’t get the unit outside, make sure you open up some windows and doors while the job is underway. Wear a face mask while you’re painting to avoid inhaling toxic paint fumes.

Decide on a Method

Spray and brush-on paint both have their own benefits and challenges. You can get a beautiful new paint job from either type, but you’ll want to consider all the pros and cons before investing in a can. Liquid paint will make less of a mess, and it’s a safer bet if you are going to be doing your painting indoors. However, it will also take longer, and brush strokes may be visible once the paint dries. Spray paint, on the other hand, might be faster and have a cleaner finish, but you’ll need to take the fridge outside or cover nearby surfaces with plastic.

Prime the Refrigerator

The outside of your fridge will need a deep cleaning before you can start repainting. First, remove or cover up any hardware that might get in the way, like handles or vents. You can paint them separately if they need some sprucing up too. Next, thoroughly clean any dirt and grime from the surface of the fridge, using a solution of ammonia and water or surface cleaner. Sand the whole unit down to get rid of the glossy outer coat of paint and wear down any rust spots, then wipe away any residue with a damp cloth. If your fridge has problems with rust, give it a quick spot treatment with rust protector.

How to Paint Your Refrigerator So It Looks New

Get Ready to Paint

Whether you’re going with a bold color or sticking to a more classic look, you can find specialty paint and appliance epoxy in just about every color. Pick out the color that speaks to you, and go to work. It should only take about two or three coats to get a nice, glossy finish on your refrigerator. Give the paint a few minutes to dry between coats to make sure all the paint goes on evenly. Be sure to carefully follow manufacturer instructions on the can—many spray paints recommend shaking the can for a full minute before getting started, to make sure the paint mixes properly. Let the refrigerator dry for at least 24 hours before returning it to its original place. Either leave the unit outside, or keep windows open as much as possible until the fumes dissipate.